About Us

Glas Mesh Company has been a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) manufacturer and fabricator since 1965. In the early 1980’s we developed several standardized FRP products specifically for use by corrosion engineers and technicians to help maintain the integrity of pipeline cathodic protection systems. FRP Shields, Saddles and Spacers provided a standardized and cost effective way of preventing and correcting electrical contact shorts on buried and exposed pipe.

In addition to electrical isolation, the products also proved useful for steel pipe coating protection and abrasion control on plastic pipe and cable systems. The pre-shaped FRP Shields, Saddles and Spacers have been particularly useful to the natural gas, oil and energy related industries.

Today Glas Mesh provides a complete line of FRP corrosion and abrasion control products and procedures for both above and below grade natural gas, water and petroleum pipelines, as well as related storage and processing facilities.